1. Hear ye, hear ye!

    occasionally we take some time away from life and work on The RPG Forum. When we do, you will be the first soul to know about it...pinky promise.

  2. Fresh meat

    New around these parts? Introduce yourself to the community and let your true colors shine! Well...maybe not so dramatic, but you get the idea.

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  3. Super duper off topic

    Know body wants to be "that person". You know know the type...always talking about gaming, 24/7/365. Don't be that person here, talk about something else please. Peaches...yeah...

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  4. Role playing games

    From the long walks in a post-apocalyptic wasteland through Fallout, to the monster ridden landscapes of Witcher. Share your love for all role playing games with discussions and heated arguments. 

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  5. Frag out

    You can't always play role playing games can you? Frag out give you the chance to discuss everything from FPS games, RTS, Sports, and all the way to simulation games. 

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  6. News & gaming updates   (464 visits to this link)

  7. Old skewl

    Do you remember Frog Bog on Intellivision? Bring up the ol' times and talk about how bitchin' Pitfall was.

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